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Type AR Conformal Coating Examples

Posted by Sean Horn

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 10:05

@ 10:05 AM

Type AR (acrylic resin) conformal coatings are a popular choice for conformal coating projects because of their moisture protection, low cost, and ease of application.  There are many different varieties of type AR conformal coatings such as:

type ar conformal coating

  • MG Chemicals 419C
  • HumiSeal 1B31
  • HumiSeal 1B73
  • HumiSeal 1B12
  • HumiSeal 1B15
  • HumiSeal 1B18
  • HumiSeal 1B31 EPA
  • Humiseal 1B31 LOC
  • HumiSeal 1B66
  • HumiSeal 1B73 EPA
  • HumiSeal 1B73 LOC
  • HumiSeal 1R32
  • HumiSeal 1R32A-2
  • Cytec Conap CE-1171
  • Tech-Spray 2103-12S Fine-L-Kote
  • Tech-Spray 2108-12S Turbo-Coat
  • Electrolube HPA