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How to get Repeatable Conformal Coating Thickness

Posted by Sean Horn on Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 01:56 PM

How to get Repeatable Conformal Coating Thickness

 Measuring your conformal coating thickness is one thing, however making it a reliable and repeatable thickness is something else all together.  There are three main ways of conformal coating application where a repeatable thickness can be obtained, however, a fair degree of training and skills are needed to achieve this. 

 The easiest method is to use the selective coating robots. By their very nature they do exactly the same thing every single time and as a result you get virtually the same results every time (as long as your coating thickness stays the same and the robot is well maintained).conformal coating

 Another way to achieve consistent thickness is the dipping method. With a dip machine such as a DS101, a very accurate and repeatable thickness can be achieved. This is because every stage of the process is perfectly controlled from dipping and dwell times to withdrawal speed. Obviously, masking is very important when dipping and Diamond-MT can provide the training to get your operators up to speed.

 Finally, we have hand spraying. With a good quality spray gun, spray booth, and a skilled operator a very reliable thickness can be achieved. Also with hand spraying (unlike robotic spraying) you get an attractive, uniform finish which many customers find desirable. If your operators can’t achieve these standards give us a call and we can arrange training with them and maximize your quality.

 There are many different ways to get a reliable and repeatable conformal coating thickness.  Most depend on repeatable processes or operator skill.  By combining consistent processes with operator skill, you are well on the road to getting reliable conformal coating thickness.

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