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Type SR Conformal Coating Examples

Posted by Sean Horn on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 01:23 PM

We have noticed a significant increase in the amount of type SR conformal coating requests recently.  Silicone conformal coating offers many benefits such as high temperature capabilities, excellent moisture protection, and easy application and re-workability. 

Here are the some of the more popular type SR conformal coatings:

Type SR Conformal Coating Examples

  • Humiseal 1C49
  • HumiSeal 1C49LV
  • HumiSeal 1C51
  • HumiSeal 1C55
  • Dow Corning 1-2577
  • Dow Corning 3-1753
  • Dow Corning 3-1765
  • Dow Corning 3-1744
  • Dow Corning 3-1953
  • Dow Corning 3-1965
  • Dow Corning 3-1944
  • MG Chemicals 422B
  • Peters DSL 1705 FLZ
  • Peters DSL 1706 FLZ
  • Electrolube SCC3
  • Electrolube SCC4
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