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Best Coatings for Medical Devices

Posted by Sean Horn on Fri, Nov 6, 2020

Parylene is a polymeric material that is commonly applied as a conformal coating layer in electronic applications. Parylene conformal coatings are used to provide environmental and/or dielectric isolation. They offer pinhole-free layers with low water permeability, high flexibility and high mechanical strength (see table). While parylene coatings are most frequently applied onto the electronic cir

Improving Patient Outcomes with Parylene-Coated Stents

Posted by Sean Horn on Tue, Oct 27, 2020

Coronary stents are tubular medical implants that serve as a scaffold to open clogged or narrowed arteries in an effort to increase blood flow and reduce the potential for adverse cardiac events such as heart attacks. And providing critical support to these support structures is parylene conformal coating.

Differences between Parylene and Acrylic Conformal Coating

Posted by Sean Horn on Tue, Oct 27, 2020

Parylene and acrylic conformal coatings represent two extremes of the types of compounds you can use to coat printed circuit boards, sensors, or other devices. While acrylic is popular and inexpensive, parylene offers some of the best performance of any coating compound.